About Us

Our family has three members currently on the Hoxsey diet. My mother, my uncle, and my grandfather.
My mother, Darla, was on the Hoxsey treatment and diet back in the mid 1970's and successfully beat cervical cancer. Recently she noticed some skin cancer and resumed treatment in the later part of 2007.
My uncle, Robert, was diagnosed with skin cancer in late 2006 and has been following the Hoxsey treatment since early 2007.
My grandfather, Pat, was diagnosed with bladder cancer in September of 2006. He immediately went to the Bio-Medical Center and started the Hoxsey treatment and diet. As of February 2007 he was pronounced cancer free by the Bio-Medical Center as well as a Urologist here in California. He continues to follow the Hoxsey treatment and diet.

With this kind of family history my sister Michelle and I decided to start following the Hoxsey diet as a preventative measure (we somewhat jokingly refer to it as 'hedging our bets'). My brother-in-law Craig, who has a history of cancer in his family, decided to start following the Hoxsey diet with us and has been instrumental in developing the recipes you'll find here.