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Alcoholic IngredientDescriptionSubstitution
Amaretto Itialian almond flavored liqueur Almond oil
Beer or Ale Various types For light beers, substitute chicken broth or white grape juice. For heavier beers use a stronger beef, chicken or mushroom broth or stock.
Brandy Liquor made of distilled wine or fruit juice. If a particular flavor is specified, use the corresponding fruit juice, such as apple, apricot, cherry, peach, raspberry etc. or grape juice. Corresponding flavored extracts can be used for small amounts.
Calvados Apple brandy Apple juice or juice.
Chambord Black raspberry liqueur Raspberry juice or extract (Make sure the extract is alcohol free!).
Champagne Sparkling white wine. White grape juice.
Claret Light red wine or Bordeaux. Diluted currant or grape juice.
Cognac Aged, double-distilled wine or fermented fruit juice. Use peach, apricot or pear juice.
Contreau French, orange-flavored liqueur. Orange juice that has been reduced to a thicker consistency.
Curacao Liqueur made from bitter Seville oranges. Orange juice or reduced fresh orange juice.
Creme de menthe Thick and syrupy, sweetened mint liqueur. Comes both clear and green. Mix spearmint extract or oil with a little water or grapefruit juice.
Framboise French raspberry liqueur. Raspberry juice.
Frangelico Italian hazelnut liqueur. Hazelnut or almond extract/oil.
Galliano Golden Italian anise liqueur. Licorice extract.
Grand Marnier French liqueur, orange-flavored. Reduced fresh orange juice.
Grappa Italian grape brandy. Grape juice.
Grenadine Pomegranate syrup, sometimes alcoholic. Pomegranate juice.
Hard Cider Fermented, alcoholic cider. Apple juice or cider (be sure to check the ingredients!).
Kahlua Syrupy Mexican liqueur made with coffee and cocoa beans. Strong water decaffeinated coffee or espresso with a touch of cocoa powder.
Red Burgundy Dry French wine. Grape juice.
Red wine Sweet or dry wine. Beef or chicken broth or stock, red grape juice diluted with plain water.
Rum Liquor distilled from molasses or sugar syrup. For light rum, use pineapple juice flavored with almond extract/oil. For dark rum, use molasses thinned with pineapple juice and flavored with almond extract/oil.
Schnapps Flavored, colorless liquor. Use corresponding flavored extract such as peppermint, peach, etc.
Sherry Fortified dessert wine, sweet or dry, some with a slightly nutty flavor. Orange or pineapple juice.
Southern Comfort Bourbon mixed with peach liqueur. Peach nectar mixed with a little pomegranate juice.
Tequila Liquor made of the agave plant Cactus nectar or juice.
Triple Sec Orang-flavored liqueur. Orange juice or reduced fresh orange juice.
Vermouth Wine-based drink infused with herbs, sweet or dry. For sweet, use apple or grape juice. For dry, white grape juice.
White Burgundy Dry French wine. White grape juice.
White wine Sweet or dry wine. Chicken broth or stock, diluted with white grape juice diluted with water.
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In most cases you can substitute an oil for an extract. For example, almond oil instead of almond extract. It's a shame, but many of the extracts are unavailable without alcohol. When you need the flavoring you can use an oil instead. They are usually milder so you may need a touch more. A side benefit of using the oil is that you can also use it in a diffuser to give your house a wonderful aroma.

Xylitol can be used in place of sugar on a 1:1 basis. One tsp of Xylitol is the same as one tsp of sugar, as far as sweetness goes. You'll want to ease yourself into Xylitol use as it can cause bloating and gas if you start using a whole bunch all at once. It is also VERY toxic to dogs. [back to top]

Weights & Measures:
  • 1 tbsp = 3 tsp
  • 1/8 cup = 2 tbsp
  • 1/4 cup = 4 tbsp
  • 1/2 cup = 8 tbsp
  • 1 cup = 48 tsp (16 tbsp)