About the Hoxsey Cancer Treatment

If you've been there you know what it's like. Peaceful and upbeat, no one is a stranger, and the staff that you only see once or twice a year is as friendly as if you'd just been in last week.
I love reading the 'guest book'. Talk about uplifting! So many people have been helped by the Hoxsey Treatment at the Bio Medical Center; it gives hope to those in need of treatment.
Obviously we're proponents of the Hoxsey Formula and the Hoxsey Treatment. Three members of our family have overcome cancer by following the Hoxsey Diet and taking the Hoxsey Formula. Everyday we're grateful that this treatment is available.
On this page we've included the text of the Bio Medical Center (aka Hoxsey) brochure, the treatments available, information on where to stay, and some additional reading.

“Introduction and Clinic History” taken from the Bio-Medical Center Brochure, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

In 1963 Mildred Nelson founded the Bio Medical Center in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. The clinic is located less than 3 miles from the U.S./Mexico border near San Diego, California with easy access by air and road transportation from all over the United States and abroad.

Mildred Nelson started work with Harry M. Hoxsey in 1946 at Harry’s Clinic in Dallas Texas. “We consider cancer a systemic disease, we don’t pretend to know its fundamental cause (no one else does, either at this writing) but we are convinced that without exception it occurs only in the presence of profound physiological change in the constituents of body fluids and a consequent chemical imbalance in the organism” (You Don't Have to Die! by Harry M. Hoxsey 1956, 44-48).

Mildred was the chief nurse and most trusted colleague at the Dallas Clinic, working closely with Harry Hoxsey and learning all the protocols. Weakened by a heart condition Harry chose Mildred as his successor and encouraged her to move to Tijuana. “Thanks to Harry the Genius, whose work survives by trusting Mildred Nelson with all our lives” (Peggy Funderburk Patient-crusader 1997). Mildred was a teacher and colleague to everyone who knew her. She was a dear friend and remarkable human being.

Over the years Mildred expanded the Bio Medical Center, hiring and training a staff of fully licensed, English-speaking MD’s. She assembled professional support personnel to see to the care and medical needs of patients who visit Bio Medical Center. Most of the original medical staff and support personnel have remained through the years, and the clinic continues to provide accessible and economical medical help. Before her death, Mildred Nelson took steps to continue her work by appointing her sister Liz Jonas as administrator, “what a remarkable legacy, a legacy that lives on” (Peter Chowka 1999).

The treatments available at the Bio Medical Center include natural herbs, special diet, vitamins and minerals, lifestyle counseling, positive attitude and conventional medical treatments when indicated. Modern diagnostic methods include extensive laboratory analysis, x-rays, ultrasound, ct scans and other studies as needed on an individual patient. Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, the doctors will outline a special program that works to strengthen the impaired immune system. By rebalancing and normalizing a patient’s metabolism, the treatments at the Bio Medical Center give the body a chance to heal itself-often without resorting to more toxic debilitating treatments.

While it should be kept in mind that each patient’s illness, prognosis, and outcome are different, and that no hospital or clinic can guarantee a 100 percent chance of recovery, there is evidence that many patients – some of them arriving with very late stages of disease – have been helped and their diseases brought under control, by the treatments available at the Bio Medical Center.
Treatments Available
EDTA Treatments
Circulatory Ailments
Ulcers and Colitis
Epstein Barr-Virus
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Office Hours
Monday through Friday 8:00AM - 4:00PM (PT)
The Bio Medical Center is closed on all major US holidays, Jan 1st, Feb 5th, Good Friday, May 1st, Sep 16th, Nov 20th, and the last two weeks in December.
It's always a good idea to call ahead and make sure they will be open when you plan to visit. The Bio-Medical Center can be reached at 011 52 664 684-9011.
Where to Stay
*Best Western Americana Inn, San Ysidro (800)553-3933 (this is where we always stay - it's a real nice place and they have complimentary transportation to the clinic)
*Premier Inn-Midway Area (877) 992-9500
*Ramada Inn-Midway Area (800) 2 RAMADA
*Days Inn-Rosecrans/Midway Area (800) 828-8111
*Holiday Inn-Midway Area (800) 511-6909

These last four don't provide complimentary transportation. However, Dennis Hellingson offers comfortable/personalized Taxi-escort service. He will pick you up at your hotel/motel and drive you to the clinic and back for a modest fee. He can be reached at (619) 226-8655 (evenings preferably).
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Additional Reading
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*Another article by Peter Barry Chowka about Alternative Cancer Treatment and Hoxsey (the Hoxsey article is toward the bottom)
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